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Friends of Ebenezer Child Care UK Report 2012

The Homes

Here are the babes and toddlers by the new play area at Ebenezer. It is only its first year and this  babies’ home has become nearly full!

Babes and toddlers

An office block has been completed; so the house which had been used temporarily as an office is now free.  The twelve toddlers will move into that house with their housemother, and then more babies can be accommodated in the baby home.  It is so sad that many mothers die in childbirth.

DSCN2019 DSCN2019 DSCN2025

Boys who live in an Ebenezer home                                         Girls who live in an Ebenezer home

The School


We received a warm welcome at the school from all classes.  Here is the pre-school class presenting us with their handprints.

Ebenezer school choir learnt to sing “Amazing Grace” for us.  You will soon be able to hear this on YouTube.

DSCN1976 DSCN1944

One of the highlights of this trip was when we took 15 children from school to Victoria Falls.  They live so close but had never been able to visit before.

The Farm


Fred, the farmer,is expanding the work on the Ebenezer Farm with his team of workers.

DSCN2059 Two cases full


These were donated by many of you - thank you.

 Two pairs each for evry child  Their pleasure hunbled us

Sally's Story

Sally Monga never knew her father.  Her mother died when she was three.  She was brought to Livingstone to live with her Grandparents and started at Ebenezer School in 2006.  She is a bright, hard-working girl, who is now sponsored from U.K. to attend secondary school.  

It takes her 2 hours to walk to school, and 2 hours to walk back home again.  So - Friends of Ebenezer Child Care UK bought her a bicycle!

Sally DSCN0968 (Small)



Report by Keith & Anne Olford  

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