2015 Visit to Ebenezer

March 2015 was a milestone for us! It was exactly 10 years since our first life-changing visit to Ebenezer. AND - it was our 10th visit!

Racheal 2015 B
Racheal playing with elephant

We met up with old friends and new, as well as past members of the Ebenezer family. Here we are with Racheal Tembo, whom we have known for all of those ten years. She was one of the first street kids to come to Ebenezer in the very beginning in 2001, and now she is the only female elephant trainer in the whole of Zambia!


From one of the oldest to some of the youngest, we enjoyed seeing the children going forwards with their lives in this safe and caring environment.


Mothers look after babies and toddlers:-

Betty and Sarah

The Management Team

Ebenezer has a hard-working and multi-skilled team. One of the oldest boys, Lloyd, is watching the singers, who are, from left to right,

Delrine - the Matron of the homes at Nakatindi

Ranji - the Director of Ebenezer

Swagota - the Headteacher of ETS (Primary School)

And below, is Prithi, who is encouraging those who do invaluable work on the farm. Prithi is the Programmes Director. He and Delrine live on site and create a lot of fun and meaningful activity for those children who live in one of the four homes.

When Leah went to live in Malawi with her husband who works for World Vision, we were concerned for out precious school! But, we need not have worried for Ebenezer has been blessed with an experienced and highly qualified new headteacher, Swagota Baroi. We now have a lovely new friend who also lives on site with her family and who was a charming neighbour to us when we stayed in the little guest house next door!


We end with a photo of some of the 323 children who attend Ebenezer School and who are singing and dancing in their smart new uniforms.