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The School

It costs £4,000 a month to run the school, which has over 300 pupils.  

Everything is provided for each child: education, food, clothes, counselling and medical care.  

AND there are 180 needy children are on the waiting list.

A donation of £16 will provide for one pupil  for one month and £192 for one year. 


The Homes

At the present time, there are Ebenezer homes for boys and girls who have no other relative to care for them.  

A home for orphaned babies and toddlers was opened in September 2010.  

An office has been built on the same site as the homes, and just requires some finishing touches.  

A donation of £10 will provide a set of clothes for a child.  


The Farm

Ebenezer has purchased 18 hectares of farmland so that it can provide fresh food for the children.  

It will also provide work for some Ebenezer children when they leave school.  

Surplus food is sold to provide an income for Ebenezer.  

A donation of £25 will fund a farm worker for a month.



If you feel you want to be a part of this life-changing project, PLEASE contact us.




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Thanks for making a donation; it really will make a difference. 


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