Friends of Ebenezer Child Care UK Report May 2011

The Homes – A Facelift     

The area around the homes has been landscaped with pathways and tough grass. Previously, this central space was sandy earth which became waterlogged in the heavy rainy season.  With Ranji, in this picture, is Rev. Jim Nyrongo who is the chairman of Ebenezer Trust Charity, Zambia.  It was the first time we had

met him and were impressed by his kindness, sense of humour  and dedication.   

DSCN0776 - Copy

The baby and toddler home is open

If anything could pull at your heartstrings, it would be the babies!


Just after we returned home in May, baby Sara was brought to Ebenezer.  She was 2 months premature and weighs 2lb.  

She is gradually pytting on weight.  Ranji is holding her in 5 blankets.

Ranji with the babies
2011 Africa and home 077

Believed to be saved from child trafficking – this toddler, one of 4 cared for so far at Ebenezer, was brought over the Congo border by some men without papers.  

The Zambian social welfare department asked Ranji to care for her.  


Did they offer any financial support?  




And, fortunately, one of the housemothers can speak Swahili.


There is a rock now in the grounds of the homes which reminds us that this is a Christian project which has grown enormously since we first got involved in March 2005.  In the picture with us are Ranji and some of the boys and girls from the homes.

The girl in the pink dress is Sheila, who would not be alive if it were not for Ebenezer.  She had a triple heart operation two years ago and has since grown into a strong healthy girl.  Sheila is now helping the new toddler from Congo with her shoes.


The School

The children are happy at their lessons
There are 314 children attending Ebenezer School at the moment in 2 sessions.
In the second picture we see the afternoon group arriving for their session.
180 needy children are on the waiting list.


In his own St. Blazey football shirt, Keith has just presented the schoolchildren with a junior St. Blazey kit.  He then joined in a game of footie with enthusiasm if not speed!


The headmistress, Leah Chipembele, is working with Martha, who is now in Grade 7, after which she will be sponsored to go to secondary school.  Ebenezer would like to have its own secondary school eventually.

Ebenezer Choir – Now on YouTube!

Thomas and Curity with choir

The Farm

The farm is successfully irrigated Sheep and goats are grazing


The potatoes are being harvested here.


Also grown are:-

maize, onions, okra, peppers, cabbage, spinach, herbs, chilli, groundnuts, butternut squash and sweetcorn. There are oranges and lemons, mangoes, sweet melons, papaya, nectarines and tomatoes.


The farm provides a large part of the children’s meals, and the surplus is sold to produce an income for Ebenezer.



Report by Keith & Anne Olford  

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